Setting up your account takes five screens (see below).  The first two screens are for logging in the first time, and the last three screens are for setting up your presence on our community blog.

Screen 1:

Screen 2:

Screen 3:


Screen 4:

Screen 5:


When you scroll down, you’ll see name and email information. Don’t touch anything concerning your name! Don’t add your first and last names. Don’t change your nickname. You’re stuck with what we call you in class. If I have it wrong, come and see me.

Change your fake email address to your real one. Here’s what it all looks like:


Scroll down some more. Then add a short bio, change your password, and click “Update Profile”:


Your bio, as the screenshot says, can include your interests and activities. Think about the kind of things, too, that you’d put on a brag sheet (something seniors have to write for teacher recommendation letters) or on a college application. Don’t be silly. On the other hand, don’t be overly formal. Be engaging and forthright. But don’t name names. The whole world can see our blog, and I don’t want the bad guys to find you. (That’s why the screenshot says, “Please don’t use proper nouns.”)

Would you like a photo to be associated with your bio and your site’s comments? Mouse over “How to” at the top of any page and click “Gravitar.”