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    What is David Sedaris’ moral in the story “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa”, and how does his envy in the story enforce this moral?

    The moral of the story is to appreciate everything that you are given and not be envious of the things that others have. Instead make the most of every moment, every object, and every person in your life. The author David Sedaris uses parallel sentence structure to compare Hugh’s life to himself. Hugh was a fellow companion of David’s, but later moved to Africa where he had a life with servants, chefs, and drivers. This way of life envied David because while he “had a collie and a house cat, they had a monkey and two horses.” Everything that David had, Hugh had better. Even the roughest part of Hugh’s life, David says “I can’t help but envy the sense of fortitude he gained form the experience.” David’s continuous envy throughout the essay is wrapped up at the end by him saying that he “should have been happy with what he had.” What the reader later understands is that it is David’s ignorance that cause him to be so envious. When he finally changes his life around, and decides to live it to its fullest, he begins to appreciate his life and the things that he was blessed with.

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