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    In Suzanne Britt’s essay, titled “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”, she organizes her thoughts by subject. She first describes sloppy people, then the neat people, despite the title being the other way around. This allows for a clear shift in tone, roughly halfway through the essay. She begins by describing the sloppy people as those who just have “extreme moral rectitude”. She adds to her clearly admiring opinion of sloppy people by then continuously describing them with words of positive connotation, such as “noble”. The shift begins with her calling neat people “bums and clods at heart” as well as describing numerous scenarios that seem like heartless things to do, while she had only spoken of positive scenarios when on the subject of the sloppy people. The organization of topics helps the author get across her thoughts in a way that the reader can more easily understand, and clearly shows a preference when comparing neat versus sloppy.

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    Hey Ivan, I agree with you on this one. Britt is able to organize her thoughts very clearly through her subjects. She compares neat and sloppy clearly giving the upperhand to sloppy people. She states “sloppy people carry in their mind’s eye of a heavenly vision” showing that even though they are sloppy they have a vision for what they are doing with everday. I personally agree with this because I am very sloppy and my room is always a mess, but I never clean it because I know where everything is! When she shifts to neat people, you can tell she isn’t a fan. She uses a bit of sarcasm when she says “the only thing messy in a neat person’s house is the trash can” this shift in tone gives the reader a great idea on how she enjoys sloppy people, but really feels that neat people are just menaces.

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