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    In Dave Barry’s essay, “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out” he uses a light-hearted, humorous tone when comparing and contrasting men and women in order to connect to the reader. Using a casual tone to relate his own experiences, Barry creates a familiarity that draws the reader in and makes a personal connection. In one section, Barry strives to relate to the reader by exposing the flaws in his own cleaning practices. In reference to his cleaning methods in contrast to his wife’s he claims that he “‘cleans’ the bathroom, spraying Windex all over everything…” Here he shows how he himself is just how he perceives all men, less concerned with sanitation and unconcerned with attention to detail when compared with women. When he says,”…because I am a sensitive and caring kind of guy…”, Barry connects to his audience through sarcasm and humor, which creates a feeling of camaraderie. Later, he speaks of his son’s “six hundred action figures each sold separately that God forbid Robert should ever take a bath without” he increases his easy going tone and makes his essay more relatable to anyone with young kids or anyone who has ever been a kid. Lastly, again, a piece of his argument that supports his search for a common ground between the audience and himself is when he says, “each sold separately” which uses the allusion to the cliche advertising phrase that everyone has heard.

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    In his essay Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out, Dave Barry succeeds immensely in using a lighthearted, humorous tone to make the essay more relatable. He primarily accomplishes this through delving into basic gender psychology. In fact, he does so right away in the opening line: “The primary difference between men and women is that women can see extremely small quantities of dirt.” This serves to establish a humorous tone through a simple interjection, one that most everybody can in some way relate to—I can definitely recall more than one incident when my version of “clean” differed from, say, my father’s! Barry’s humorous references to real-life situations also make the essay more relatable, for instance, through his cleaning-the-bathroom-anecdote: “Because I am a sensitive and caring guy, I ‘clean’ the bathroom, spraying Windex all over everything…” This is a great example of his using tone to be relatable, because it describes an ordinary task (cleaning the bathroom) with strategically witty twist. Barry’s humorous tone, which he creates through various anecdotes and gender comparison does wonders to make his essay more relatable.

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    In this piece I feel Barry uses a very lighthearted tone to make this piece as relatable as possible to really any audience, nor females nor males i think were the intended audience, though woman were more of a victim in this piece then men, kind of as an easy target like when Barry states, “is that woman can see extremely small quantities of dirt” and then shares a family experience of when his own wife had criticized his cleaning style because of a woman’s ability to “see dirt at the level of molecules” The same thing is done with men in comparison to sports in a much more lighthearted manner, i think because Barry is a man himself, not being able to see the major flaws as directly (as a woman though i can tell you sports is not the biggest difference) By using very descriptive stories, Barry is able to make a connection with the reader almost like he is in your living room visiting, telling you and your family stories about his family. I also think that because of the casual tone he used, it helped make it much more relatable to the reader, i could picture both my parents saying the same things he was saying that his wife and himself had said like “I hate to rush you, but could you clean Roberts bathroom, its filthy” which makes me think about saturday cleaning mornings in my house when my mom is yelling across the kitchen for my dad to clean something that is just “filthy” and i think that by doing this and using direct quotes from Barry’s life it makes it that much more easy for the readers to better relate to this piece.

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