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    In Barry’s essay, he compares men and women based on the things each sex is sensitive to. By comparing men and women on a specific topic, Barry suggests that thier sensitivities almost cancel each other out. When he brings up sports as “the opposite of the dirt coin”, the author indicates that the two things are equivalent. Sure, only women are sensitive to dirt, but only men (with some exceptions) are sensitive to sports. Barry’s description of the filthy bathroom situation shows his belief that women should stick to the cleaning because his Windex job was not up to par with a woman’s more thorough cleaning job. Similarly, in his point about sports, Barry illustrates that women can stick to their “stimulating conversation and jovial companionship” while men watch important sporting events. Barry’s attitude towards the differences is that they are necessary because men and women’s sensitivities fit together so that both sexes are satisfied in the end. I however, must add that, as shown in Barry’s essay, women usually ending up doing the work while men sit on the sofa.

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    In the essay “Batting Clean-up and Striking Out” the author barry has a humorous attitude. Taking a pretty common discussion about men and women and turning it into something huge by use of exaggeration, Barry is sarcastic all while proving his point. From the beginning of his piece Dave Barry uses humor – he in fact starts his point off with an exaggeration about dirt. His first sentence states that THE primary difference between male and female (out of all the differences there could be) is that “women can see extremely small quantities of dirt”. By starting his piece off with such a specific and obviously somewhat false statement we get a taste of Barry’s humorous and sarcastic attitude. He then gets very sarcastically scientifical, and talks about how “somewhere during the growth process, a hormonal secretion takes place in women that enables them to see dirt that men cannot see”. This being obviously not a real scientific fact shows us just the type of humor Dave Barry has. By getting very specific back to the growth process stage we see how Barry uses his sarcasm to portray his light-hearted and humorous attitude toward the difference between men and women. By explaining how women can see at dirt “at the level of molecules” he once again uses huge exaggerations to make jokes and come across as having a comical attitude.

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    In Barry’s Essay he compares and contrasts men and women, his attitude is portrayed through humorous situations and stories that show his thoughts on men and women’s roles.
    From his first topic about men’s inability to do housework to a women’s expectations he has a humorous attitude portrayed by irony, exaggerations, and sarcasm; like when he says “But somewhere during the growth process, a hormonal secretion takes place in women that enables them to see dirt that men cannot see, dirt at the level of molecules, whereas men don’t generally notice it until it forms clumps large enough to support agriculture.” Using this humorous attitude, it makes some of his statements seem less offending since both groups will more likely laugh at the stories rather than argue with them. He uses humor to make his point more excepted by a larger group, and possibly to ward off criticizers who will take it as a joke rather than a serious comparison between the sexes.
    His second point shows the differences between men and women’s interests: men preferring sports as women prefer stimulation conversation. Once again he uses humor to exaggerate and support his differences. He even goes so far to compare men’s desire to watch sports to a murderers mind of growing anxiety. From his humorous attitude, one can infer that this is not a scientific finding, but will still do just fine to appeal to his audience; most likely full of men and good humored women.
    It is simple to infer that Barry’s humorous attitude is used to appeal to certain groups and to gain support for his arguments, as well as ward off the more serious, fact-checking readers.

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    I personally enjoyed Barry’s humorous tone in his essay which compares and contrasts men and women. It provided a new light on what is normally a very serious and controversial topic. The use of sarcasm and exaggeration really set his essay apart from the normal comparison of the roles of each sex. I agree with all the comments above that show how the first sentence really hooks you in to his writing. When he says, “women can see extremely small quantities of dirt”, it was really easy for me to identify the sarcastic tone. This is a totally untrue statement which is a very outdated point of view which supports Barry’s tone. Barry’s tone makes people more accepting of his views since they understand that he could just be being sarcastic. It appeals to his audience and helps people understand his arguments and prevent serious readers from criticizing his views since it is obvious to all that he is using humor. He also uses “scientific facts” to back up his humorous views of this topic. Finally, using exaggerations and irony to portray his comical tone throughout this piece.

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    I believe that Barry exhibits a humorous and lighthearted tone about the differences in genders. He may strongly believe in the differences of the sexes, but he compares them in a way that does not put down any one gender. Instead he looks at the differences in a positive perspective. While “women can see extremely small quantities of dirt” man “feel very sensitive to sports.” Barry makes it clear that he does not believe that all women have that great of awareness of dirt, and that not all men are a fan of sports. By expressing the idea that there are “exceptions”, the readers do not feel as forced to feel that they should be exactly how Barry believes that men and women are. I think that Barry added this in intentionally because he doesn’t want to come off as having too strong of an opinion, despite the fact that he probably does.

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    In his story, Barry’s tone is both sarcastic and humorous; he is intentionally exaggerating his certain events to show the differences between the way men and women react to something. It is quite comical how he feels that he did such a thorough job cleaning the bathroom and even describes his method with such precision yet his wife asks him to go up and touch it up again claiming that he didn’t clean it well enough.Similarly, he demonstrated men’s sensitivity to sports with an equally exaggerated example y showing how men cannot even focus on a simple dinner conversation with out the urge to focus on the World Series. He proves how men and women distinctly differ in certain ways, specifically regarding dirt and sports.

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    I agree with Sameera that Barry’s tone is sarcastic and humorous. Even from the beginning of his essay, his tone is brought out when he discusses woman always being able to find dirt except when they are babies. My favorite witty moment was when he was discussing Pompeii. At first, he seemed to be taking a logical approach to the situation by including historical facts about the eruption; then, he added a witty joke about the men not being able to see that the ash was falling. When I read this paragraph I laughed! The author’s humorous tone helps make this piece enjoyable and a fun read. Also his whit aids to contrast woman and men in a jokingly matter, conveying his purpose that there are so many differences between both men and woman that it makes life interesting and fun. Also, this emphasis of differences helps explain men and woman will never be exactly the same and will never fully understand the differences between one another.

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