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      (The mode of comparison is also called the mode of comparison and contrast. I (and some other teachers) think that "comparison" includes "contrast," so we shorten the mode's name to "comparison.") Read Bedford Reader pages 233 – 241 on the mode of comparison. Then read any two of the essays between Bedford Reader pages 242 and 280, including the questions and the suggestions for writing that follow those two essays. Then contribute to a discussion forum here for each essay. You may start a new discussion topic for each essay, but you don’t have to unless a topic doesn’t exist for your essay. If you start a new topic, make sure it’s as good as the questions that follow the essay in the Bedford Reader. You may use one of those questions, in fact. You must also answer any topic you begin. Each of your two contributions must be at least 75 words in length and will be graded on (1) the uniqueness and insight of your contribution concerning either the content of your chosen essay or the rhetorical strategies in it, and (2) the extent to which you use short quotes from your chosen essay to support your commentary (A = excellent, B = good, C = fair, and F = poor).
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