Due Oct. 23

Part 1

Post the non-annotated version of your personal essay. Click here for instructions on how to post. (You may have to re-insert paragraph breaks or delete paragraph breaks in your post’s text field to make it look right.) Please click the categories “Description” and “Narration” before publishing the post. And give it an engaging title!

Part 2

Comment on at least two other writers’ personal essays using the guidelines on the comment┬ápage. One of your comments must be on a student’s post that has no comments yet. Both of your comments must:

  1. quote from a passage in the post that effectively creates tone through description (the copy and paste function should work well for this),
  2. describe the tone with one or more of the tone words on binder page 51, and
  3. describe how the writer creates the tone with the description. What is it about the diction, imagery, detail (or lack of it), language, syntax, or arrangement of material that creates it? If you discuss diction, use the diction table on binder pages 9 and 10.