Due Nov. 14

Individual work. Write a rhetorical analysis of one of your sentences on binder pages 94 through 98. It can be one you wrote by yourself or one you wrote with your quadrant. Feel free first to expand that sentence to make it more interesting. The analysis should focus principally on syntax and be one or two body paragraphs in length (no need for an introduction, a thesis statement, or a concluding paragraph). Use your elaborate sentences packet starting on binder page 89. Underline every term you use from that packet.

You may wish to work from one of these two topic sentence templates, but you don’t have to:

[Your last name] establishes a ______________ tone by complementing her sentence’s ________________ semantics with its [characterize the syntax].

[Your last name] creates a tension between a ____________________ tone, the product of [a DID L. SAM element], and a _________________ tone, chiefly the product of [characterize the syntax].

You’ll put your elaborate sentence and your analysis of it on TurnItin.com as well as on inko.us by the due date and time. Before you post it on inko.us, change any mention of yourself to a fake last name – a name that’s neither your own nor, to your knowledge, anyone else’s that you know personally. You might Google “popular [pick your desired nationality] surnames” to find a suitable last name.

See binder pages 105 – 106 for directions, a sample elaborate sentence and analysis, and the rubric.